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Travel Themed Jewelry Is The PERFECT Gift

Lets be honest, what girl doesn’t LOVE jewelry? And what traveling girl wouldn’t love travel themed jewelry? I’m talking about Boeing 737 and cloud inspired bangles, Splash Necklaces and even Waverunner Ear Jackets. So if you love travelling and you really love jewelry, you’re absolutely going to fall head over heels for our Travel Themed NULA Jewelry.

With the NULA spark starting in Bali, our designs embody the simplicity of some of our deepest pleasures: a reflection of personal interests and passions. We absolutely LOVE to travel so it made sense for our first collection to ignite the wanderlust in you. The NULA Weekender Collection is a simple representation of where our minds wander: whether you dream of cruising at 30 thousand feet, anchoring in the deep waters, or staying as close to sea level as possible – with NULA you can choose your love, and love your choice. We strive to create minimalist every day jewelry that bring back the fondest memories of experiences, stories, and adventure.

Travel Themed Necklaces:

Necklaces are some of the most commonly worn pieces of jewelry by both women and men. Whether you love long pendant necklaces, dainty sterling silver necklaces, gold necklaces, chunky chokers, or personalized lockets, there are plenty of ways to show of your love for travel. The 18k Gold NULA Jewelry Splash Necklace will not only look stunning and guarantee to turn heads but it will also represent who you are as a person and what you love in life. Also available in Rose Gold and Silver Plating, we have something for everyone.

Travel Themed Bracelets/Bangles:

Travel themed jewelry can also fit around your wrist! Think Waverunner Bangles and Boeing 737 plane inspired bangles. These gorgeous women’s bangles are made with 18k Gold plating, Rose gold plating or silver plating over brass with a slightly polished finish. If you’re looking for a bangle that is both casual and beautiful, you’ve found the right ones.

If you’re like me, and you love both women’s jewelry AND traveling, NULA Jewelry’s Weekender Collection has the perfect pieces for you. The best part about our company is, we only use the best materials, we’re not overly expensive like 90% of all websites, and you can get 15% off your first purchase just by signing up for our newsletter. So sign up for our newsletter today, to be kept up to date with new arrivals, sales and promotions, and get your 15% off coupon towards your first order. NULA Jewelry, the ONLY travel themed jewelry you will ever buy again.

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