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About Us

NULA Jewelry stands for the idea of simple, practical and affordable pieces that bring back fond memories of experiences and adventures. Our pieces are a reflection of personal interests and passions. At NULA, we love to travel, so it only made sense for our first collection to ignite a spark of wanderlust in you. The NULA Weekender Collection is a simple representation of where our minds wander: whether you dream of cruising at 30 thousand feet, anchoring in the deep waters, or staying as close to sea level as possible – with NULA you can choose your love, and love your choice. We strive to create your favorite minimalist, every day jewelry.

 The founder of NULA Jewelry, Elona Karafin, wanted to create and wear simple, every day pieces to remind her of her favorite adventures which she passionately writes about on her travel blog Soon after, other travelers wanted in on the stylish travel reminders and now the pieces are worn all over the world. Elona has an exceptional love for travel and philanthropic work and in 2016 she became the President of her charity, The Karafin Cancer Foundation. 



                              Never Underestimate the Love of Adventure